M28Translation: If you are planning to give roses on Valentine’s, can you just give a diamond ring instead?

This is the token pre-Valentine’s post. 😀

I hope you have a date this Valentine’s Day. But if you don’t, well great! At least you can avoid the baaaaad traffic!


Selfie Tips and Tricks

M7Translation: Can you share selfie tips and tricks?

I am astounded on how creative people can be when having their selfies taken. I have seen several selfies of friends who are sporting really buffed bodies only to be disappointed when I meet them IRL. How do people do it with a camera phone?


M5Translation: Can I borrow money?

The thing with posting stuff you acquire online is that it opens you to criticism from friends and family who needs “help” financially.

But think about it, do you really need to tell the whole virtual universe that you got the latest gadget? Or the latest bag?

But then again, I’m just #greenwithenvy 😀


M4I really don’t see the point of people showing off online whatever was extracted from their body. It’s not interesting. It’s gory and yucky. 😛

Don’t get me wrong — I post photos of my kid having his tooth extracted BUT I restrict it only to family members who gives a damn about my kid.

Seriously you should think twice about posting those bottle of gallstones on it’s first anniversary. KTnxBye.


M3I know, I know. Selfies are my pet peeves. But I have to admit, I am not photogenic. Guess that’s why I mind seeing a whole lot of selfies on my FB News Feed.

If you do post a selfie, give it a day or two — naah make it once a week if you can. I dare you!

Selfie break, anyone?


“Hayaan mo naman ma-miss ko mukha mo. Take a selfie break.”
Translation: Let me miss your face. Take a selfie break.

I don’t know about you but I seriously think people who has an album full of selfies surely must have a problem on self-image.

I really can’t stand your FB wall with mostly your face on it. SERIOUSLY. You haven’t changed one bit from the photo you posted an hour ago.

But of course I can unfollow you. But I don’t. I’m masochist that way.



M is for Mediocre. I have mediocre talent in making wisecracks or comebacks when an opportunity arises. So I’ve had plenty of aha moments way after the episode. I can’t help it if I’m wired this way. My brain circuitry is in slow mode.

So here are some funny, stupid, sassy, and sometimes sarcastic statements I wish I could have said to your face when I needed it the most.

Malandi. Maldita. Malandita!