Selfie Tips and Tricks

M7Translation: Can you share selfie tips and tricks?

I am astounded on how creative people can be when having their selfies taken. I have seen several selfies of friends who are sporting really buffed bodies only to be disappointed when I meet them IRL. How do people do it with a camera phone?

Selfie break, anyone?


“Hayaan mo naman ma-miss ko mukha mo. Take a selfie break.”
Translation: Let me miss your face. Take a selfie break.

I don’t know about you but I seriously think people who has an album full of selfies surely must have a problem on self-image.

I really can’t stand your FB wall with mostly your face on it. SERIOUSLY. You haven’t changed one bit from the photo you posted an hour ago.

But of course I can unfollow you. But I don’t. I’m masochist that way.